Socata Trinidad Certified Autopilot STC (Deposit)

Socata Trinidad Certified Autopilot STC (Deposit)

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Full-featured, non-TSO’d Trio Pro Pilot digital autopilot STC and installation kit for your Socata Trinidad (TB 9, TB 10, TB 20, TB 21, or TB 200)


  • $180 deposit non-refundable deposit
  • Balance due at STC issuance ($2,820)

What is included:

  • Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for a certified aircraft installation of the Trio Pilot Pro autopilot
  • All brackets and hardware required for installation
  • Installation Instructions and Illustrated Parts Catalogs

What is required:

  • Purchase of certified Trio Avionics Pilot Pro autopilot.  Which includes autopilot, servos, wiring harness, circuit breaker, power switch, or override switch.   
  • This equipment must be installed by licensed personnel in accordance with all applicable regulations. In the case of installations in U.S.-registered aircraft, among other things, FAA form 337 must be filed. An aircraft logbook entry must be recorded per 14 CFR Part 91, sections 91.405 & 91.417