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When you purchase an Autopilot and installation kit you will receive the latest FAA Approved Installation Instructions and Illustrated Parts Catalog

Please contact us with any questions.

Please note: The Aspen/Dynon/G5 Information  (Chapter 11) in the Certified Pro Pilot Manual does not apply until the new software is FAA approved. 


Last Updated

Trio Autopilot STC 10/2017
Trio Autopilot STC & Current AML 12/2021
Certified Pro Pilot Manual 05/2022
Airplane Flight Manual Supplement 05/2019

Pilot Pro System Wiring Diagram

*NEW* Pilot Pro System Wiring Diagram



Avionics Addendum 12/2017
Instructions for Continued Airworthiness 12/2021
Trio Autopilot 337 Form Example 09/2017
Post Installation Flight Test
Weight and Balance Example 04/2020
Compatibility List  07/2022
GPS Data Test  09/22
GPS Wiring Diagram  09/22