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Certified Pro Pilot Autopilot

The Pro Pilot is a two axis autopilot designed for precise navigation and altitude control.  It encompasses all of the performance and safety features of our other systems, and makes them available in a single, panel mounted instrument.  The system includes back-lighted buttons and illuminated face plate nomenclature as part of a pleasing new industrial design.

The Pro Pilot provides excellent horizontal navigation capabilities and the vertical navigation provides altitude control, climb/descent functions with airspeed limiting, and altitude pre-select.  Climb/descent on airspeed is also included.

The Pro Pilot uses Trio's proven "intelligent" Gold Standard servos to assure safe and reliable control actuation.

While the Pro Pilot incorporates many features, it is very simple to operate.  Just press the H NAV button and it will track your flight plan.  Press the V NAV button and it will hold your current altitude.

The Pro Pilot is available in two models - instrument mount and rack mount.  Both models feature backlit nomenclature and bright LED indicators




  • Track
  • Heading/Course
  • Intercept
  • Vertical

  • Altitude Hold
  • Climb/Descent (AS/VS)
  • Altitude Pre Select
  • Safety

  • Auto Level Mode "Recover"
  • Automatic 180 Turn
  • Pilot Command Steering "PCS"
  • Track Offset Capability


    Cue Card Front

    Cue Card Back