Cessna 182 Certified Autopilot STC
Cessna 182 Autopilot
C182 Autopilot
Cessna 182 Certified Autopilot

Cessna 182 Certified Autopilot STC

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Cessna 182 Autopilot

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Full-featured, non-TSO’d Trio Pro Pilot digital autopilot STC and installation kit for your Cessna 182 C182E, 182F, C182G, C182H, C182J, C182K, C182L, C182M, C182N, C182P, C182Q, C182R, R182, TR182, 182S, 182T, T182, T182T)

Whats included?

Trio Pro Pilot Control Head, 2 Servos, complete wire harness, 2 Switches, 1 Circuit Breaker, Placard, STC Kit Hardware and STC paperwork

The product is shipped within 3-5 business days domestically; international exports require up to 3 weeks.

  • This equipment must be installed by licensed personnel in accordance with all applicable regulations. In the case of installations in U.S.-registered aircraft, among other things, FAA form 337 must be filed. An aircraft logbook entry must be recorded per 14 CFR Part 91, sections 91.405 & 91.417
  • EASA STC is under review by the STC Group LLC

Supported Cessna 182 STC Autopilots:

  • Cessna 182E Autopilot C182E

  • Cessna 182F Autopilot C182F

  • Cessna 182G Autopilot C182G

  • Cessna 182H Autopilot C182H

  • Cessna 182J Autopilot C182J

  • Cessna 182K Autopilot C182K

  • Cessna 182L Autopilot C182L

  • Cessna 182M Autopilot C182M

  • Cessna 182N Autopilot C182N

  • Cessna 182P Autopilot C182P

  • Cessna 182Q Autopilot C182Q

  • Cessna 182R Autopilot C182R

  • Cessna 182RG Autopilot R182

  • Cessna TR182 Autopilot TR182

  • Cessna 182S Autopilot 182S

  • Cessna 182T Autopilot 182T

  • Cessna T182 Autopilot T182

  • Cessna T182T Autopilot T182T