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Robust set of features to the legacy aircraft fleet
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Certified Autopilot by Trio Avionics

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Testimonials for the Certified AUTOPILOT

Thanks to the management and staff for the fantastic service and turnaround time my experience has been great thanks again

Doug Ferguson C182P

Thank you for your support trio is excellent much better than Brand G seems all Brand G wants you to do is go to a certified dealer. Trio is excellent. Thank you

Corky Childs C172 N2888Q

Having researched a replacement for the original Century II single axis autopilot in my C-182L, the STC Group and the Trio Pro Pilot provided an excellent, local and cost affordable solution. The panel mounted option was ideal, and the level of service and attention to detail in both the install and customer support from the STC staff made the transition smooth and painless.

Curt Castagna N3377R

A year ago I was at an air show and saw a another companies autopilot and since my original 300 navomatic had finally quit, it wasn’t worth investing anymore money into it. They didn’t have the STC at the time for my 182L but said it was due soon. I signed up for it and a month later they had the STC. I sent them my money and received the equipment shortly after. My installation got 75% completed but it was evident that it wasn’t going to work on my plane and STOL kit. It was at this point that the company quit responding to my inquiries after I dealt with them for 10 months. I gave up and my attorney got involved and he got results. In the meantime I read an article about STC group’s autopilot and I checked out their website and videos. I was very impressed with them. I called and spoke to Jeff Odum and told him my concerns.  He asked for pictures of my interior wings. He had me talk to AJ, who is the IA, and he said their autopilot would work for my set up. I made an appointment and flew to their location where they were above and beyond helpful. It was a perfect installation and everything was explained to me as they were doing it and why. 

After the work was completed we went up and flew a couple hours of instruction. It was an easy learning curve. When I had questions they were there with the answers. 

Stephen Helms N3158R

I have flown with the Trio for somewhere over 300 hours at this point and to say that I am very satisfied is truly an understatement. For about one third the price of a similar legacy autopilot, I have nearly all the same functions. It is an incredible unit and is capable of doing coupled GPS based approaches. The safety features are also incredible. On one of my flights from SoCal home late at night I encountered some severe mountain waves. Anyone who has flown the area extensively knows about them. Not only was it turbulent, but the waves had incredible up and down waves. One of the features of the Trio is a cut off of the autopilot if it gets to preset speeds on the low and high ends. I chose them and Jeff programmed them in when we did the original flight together. I experienced both ends of the speed spectrum and the Trio worked as designed shutting off the autopilot and giving me a loud audible alarm when we were in a down wave and the airspeed decayed to what we had set it at. Shortly after it also cut off at the high speed we had set while in a formidable updraft. During that flight I also got to experience the “G” cut off when I hit a very high “G” in the turbulence. It was comforting knowing all the parameters worked as designed. I have yet to need the emergency 180° turn around as I am an experienced instrument pilot but I have demonstrated it to friends and passengers. It also works flawlessly.

Pete Chagares Cardinal RG N2638V

When I built my Long EZ I learned a bit about avionics and autopilots.  I had been looking for something my sons and I could put into our classic 1956 Cessna 172. I was fortunate to meet the principals of “The STC Group” at a local air show. The front end of their organization is led by AJ and Jeff who are technically knowledgeable,good communicators, efficient and a joy to work with.  With their skill and guidance our plane has a integrated panel representing this millennium with an Trio autopilot at its center.  I recommend them without hesitation.

Dave Harris MD Cessna 172 N7421A

"I have been flying with a Trio EZ Pilot and Altitude Hold module since 2007. I have flown my KIS4 Cruiser through Mexico, all Central America to Panama, the Caribbean to beyond St. Martin, to Canada, across the US to Las Vegas and even to Havana Cuba. With over 1,100 flight hours on this combination it has been rock solid and normally keeps me within 100ft of my intended flight path, even in light turbulance. I have to admit it flys my airplane better than I can. The best part it reduces my workload, especially when flying single pilot IFR, which to me enhances safety of flight.

I am glad my airplane has the Trio EZ pilot and Altitude Hold combination and recommend the Trio to anyone who considers installing it."

Galin Hernandez N819PR

 I wanted to thank you for the help and support on getting the auto-pilot installed in my plane.  Although I had a few questions, the installation was straight forward and easy to install.  I am VERY PLEASED with the Trio Auto-pilot and the installation package for my PA28-161.  I couldn't imagine going with any other.  Trio has so many features and is very intuitive to use.  It was also nice that if I had a question you and AJ were right there!  I highly recommend The STC Group and Trio!  You guys are top notch!

Peter Kaszuba PA-28-161 N8079Y

I have a 1961 Piper Comanche PA-24-250 which had a Century autopilot that deteriorated to a wing
lever sometimes. I looked around for an autopilot that was reasonably priced and which I could install
being an A&P. Finally the Trio Pro Pilot Autopilot was certified for the Comanche and I traded 31 lbs
for 8.6 lbs and three box’s. Jeff Odum was my contact at the STC GROUP LLC. When I had a
question or comment Jeff would always give an immediate reply. The only pre adjustment suggested
by Jeff was to set the two gains from 16 to 20 for the Comanche. After almost two hours of flying with
the Trio Pro it performs all functions as noted in the STC. After today's flight when I went to turn the
Trio off, the display showed the flight time and distance in nautical miles. The Trio does what I expect
and works out of the box. TNX

Larry La Beau

The Trio A/P is AMAZING! I had to close my AP/IA's open jaw several times as we ran it through its paces. This was the first GPS-driven autopilot we had both experienced and, compared to old roll/rate tech, it's just a game-changer. I actually love hand-flying and really wanted it primarily as an emergency capability for my non-pilot spouse (she could land in VFR but IFR is far beyond her capabilities), and a breather for in-flight clearance copying --- but its stunning capabilities now makes me envision many other uses. The Trio Pro Pilot has truly far exceeded my expectations. A sincere thanks for bringing such a revolutionary piece of tech to the certificated aircraft community.

Marc Goodinson PA-28R-180 N63PE