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Listed are a few of the frequently asked questions about the Trio Autopilot:

Q: What do I need to have to install this autopilot?

A: The only external equipment you will need is a GPS to drive the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot. For approved GPS models see the Avionics Compatibility List under the Resources->Documents tab.


Q: How does the Trio Pro Pilot autopilot work?

A: This autopilot uses digital inputs from a panel mounted or portable GPS for navigation functions and taps into the pitot/static system for altitude and airspeed information.


Q: Does the autopilot fly ILS approaches?

A: No, but it will follow any GPS approach overlay if you have a WAAS navigator installed.


Q: Will this autopilot work with Non-WAAS GPS?

A: Yes, with a Non-WAAS GPS the only functionality you will not have is vertical guidance for approaches. IFR related procedures (GPS approaches, procedure turns, holding patterns, etc)


Q: Will it interface with any PFDs?  (Garmin, Aspen, Etc.)

A: Yes


Q: Is the autopilot approach certified?  Does it need to be disabled at 500 feet AGL?

A: The autopilot will perform bendover and track the descent profile on LPV/RNAV approaches but must be disengaged at 500 feet AGL.


Q: Do you have an EASA STC?

A: Currently we only have an FAA STC but contact customer support for more information on EASA installations.


Q: What else will I need to complete the installation of this autopilot?

A: The only items that do not come in the kits are a 5 Amp Circuit breaker, pitot/static tubing and hardware. The pitot and static ports on the autopilot utilize 1/4” ID and 3/8” OD Tygon style connections.


Q – Who can install the Trio Autopilot System?

A – A qualified Repair Station can do the installation. Alternatively, a qualified A&P can do the installation with an IA signoff.


Q – Do you have a dealer network, or recommended installation facilities?

A – Contact the STC Group LLC for recommended dealers or installation shops in your area.


Q – Where can I learn more about the operation of the Trio Autopilot System

A – The operating manual and supplemental information is available at


Q – What are the features of the Trio Autopilot System?

A – An overview of the features is available at :


For installation and integration questions contact:

AJ Abdulshafi



For autopilot functionality questions contact:

Trio Avionics