Cessna 150/152 Certified Autopilot STC

Cessna 150/152 Certified Autopilot STC

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Cessna 152 Autopilot

Full-featured, non-TSO’d Trio Pro Pilot digital certified autopilot STC and installation for your Cessna 150/152 All Models 

Deposit only - $500.00 

With your initial deposit of $500.00 you will receive your STC kit for $1995.00 total upon approval, you will also be guaranteed a kit in the first batch of parts. 

Additional $1495.00 will be due upon the day of STC approval

We will begin this project once we receive 20 $500.00 deposits. All persons who give deposits will receive monthly updates on our progress. 

Kits will retail at $2495.00 upon approval so save now!

Our IA has already dry fit a Trio Autopilot into his 152 Aerobat so we have a clear vision on what it will take to complete this project. 

Please email me at jeff.odum@thestcgroupllc.com with any questions. Thank you. 

What is included:

  • Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for a certified aircraft installation of the Trio Pilot Pro autopilot Cessna 152
  • All brackets and hardware required for installation for your Cessna 152 autopilot
  • Installation Instructions and Illustrated Parts Catalogs for the Cessna 152 STC Autopilot

What is required:

  • Purchase of certified Trio Avionics Pilot Pro autopilot Cessna 152, which includes autopilot, servos, wiring harness, circuit breaker, power switch, or override switch.   
  • This equipment must be installed by licensed personnel in accordance with all applicable regulations. In the case of installations in U.S.-registered aircraft, among other things, FAA form 337 must be filed. An aircraft logbook entry must be recorded per 14 CFR Part 91, sections 91.405 & 91.417
  • European sales require a $1,000 USD surcharge to facilitate export processing. Units are approved for installation in the United States of America registered aircraft under the terms of U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) SA04230CH and its Approved Models List (AML).  The STC Group, LLC does not hold and is not seeking a European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). The units are not certified under Conformité Européenne (CE) standards.  Units are installed in aircraft and administratively validated as a basic modification limited to one aircraft serial number.  Purchaser for use in a non-U.S. registered aircraft assumes all expenses required by the relevant Civil Aviation Authority with jurisdiction over the aircraft including where applicable, EASA.

Supported Cessna 150/152 Autopilot

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